Anti-Dust Filter
Air carries with it fine particles of dust. The filter sucks in such unhealthy air and gives back a fresh, clean breeze.
Anti Dust Filter
  Catechin Filter:
Catechin has anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties which help deodorization and fights bacteria.
  Nano Meter Catalyst Filter:
It has high photo catalyzing power, which absorbs and neutralize sun pleasant odours, viruses and other vapors.
Nano Meter Catalyst Filter
  Silver Ion Filter
Controls the growth of microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.
  Memory Function
Helps the AC remember the operation settings before a power cut and automatically resumes when the power is back on.
  Stepped Louvers:
Through this feature the opening angle of the louvers can be adjusted step by step, thus adjusting the direction of the Airflow as desired.
  Auto Mode:
The AC automatically selects the mode in which it should run by judging the difference in the ambient temperature and the set temperature.
  Auto Clean / Blow Function
The indoor unit fan remains on for 2 minutes after the AC has been turned off. This helps clean all the residual water from the evaporator.
  Auto Restart
In case of a power cut, when the power is restored the AC starts automatically.
Auto Restart
  Active Carbon Deodoriser:
It eliminates odours and deactivates other harmful gases.
  On / Off Timer
The remote control has an inbuilt clock, which allows the user to set the timer in real time, unlike other ACs, where the time is set in hours.
  Dry Mode
The AC works as a dehumidifier in this mode and relives you of excess humidity in the room.
  Turbo mode
The AC gives instant cooling in this mode.
  Air Swing
The AC spreads the cooling evenly across the room.
  Sleep Mode / Green Sleep
The temperature increases by 1 Celsius per hour for the first two hours. It also helps reduce energy consumption.