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Servicing Tips

Given below are a few servicing tips to follow to kepp your air conditioner in good working condition:

  • Buy an AC, which gives you a good deal for after sale service and at least a warranty of 1-5 years.
  • Buy the AC from a reliable and good manufacturer or dealer.
  • Up-gradation certainly helps keep your air-conditioner in excellent, energy-efficient, condition. The cost of maintaining older systems may in the long run exceed the cost of a fresh investment. Besides, gradual inefficiencies set in due to wear-and-tear will result in higher power bills. Hence, older and inefficient components can be replaced gradually with new technology, more efficient components, which will result in power savings. Your supplier will be the best person to tell you when your system or part of your system needs replacement. He may also suggest retrofit of latest components that may result in your air-conditioner operating more efficiently.
  • Ensure that your system is serviced every three months by a trained technician. A service contract with your dealer/manufacturer will make you tension free. They do all the preventive measure checks and deal with any problems that come to light. This saves major repairs, downtime and cost, apart from the higher power bills due to inefficient operation till repairs. Having an Annual Maintenance contract is very beneficial. Please contact the following Godrej Service Centres for your Annual Maintenance Contract.