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Window AC

Ideally, the window air conditioner should be fitted at sill level, i.e., it should rest on the window sill. This ensures ideal circulation of warm and cool air. If the air conditioner is fitted at floor level, it will tend to keep sucking back the cool air that it is delivering, since cold air being heavier, will stay at floor level, thereby leaving the warm air in the upper levels of the room as it is. If the Air conditioner is fitted above head level, it will again tend to re-circulate cool air at the upper level and leave the lower portion of the room warm. Warm air, being lighter, has a tendency to rise, and this will prevent the cool air from percolating downwards.

A unit fitted at a higher level is, firstly, unstable, since its entire weight will rest on the wooden frame at the bottom. Secondly, it will be difficult to pull out and service. The air conditioner should be sloped slightly outwards for the condensate to flow freely out.

The fans blow air over the coils to improve their ability to dissipate heat (to the outside air) and cold (to the room being cooled).